Patient Initiated Follow Up (PIFU)

As part of the Planned Care Improvement Programme the Trust has developed the Patient Initiated Follow Up Service, which has been specifically designed for patients following or prior to elective Hand Surgery or Treatment to allow them to access clinical teams as and when they have a flare up of their condition.

The service will reduce unnecessary visits to hospital, reduce patient waiting times and release the clinical teams to see more patients in a timely manner.

What is ‘patient initiated follow up’?

  • You may see this referred to as ‘PIFU’. Patient initiated follow up puts you in control. You can make an appointment to see us if you have any worries or concerns rather than having a regular clinic visit.
  • Research has shown that having a regular outpatient follow up does not help to prevent your condition returning or identify new problems. In fact, many people find that follow up visits to the hospital cause a lot of unnecessary anxiety.
  • The majority of patients with long term conditions, or following a hospital treatment, do not require regular follow up by the hospital team.
  • The guide card has been designed to fit into your purse or wallet so that you can conveniently refer to it.
  • Some patients express concern about losing regular contact with the hospital. Everyone has different feelings when they no longer need to be seen regularly by their medical team.
  • For all other concerns, or if you are feeling unwell, your GP remains your first point of contact.

How do I book a patient initiated follow up appointment?

  • The service is quick and easy to use. Just call the number on your guide card and we will arrange an appointment for you. Please note that the operator cannot give any clinical advice.
  • Please remember, it is important that you are available for your appointment. If you find you are unable to attend, please tell us in advance so we can try to give your appointment to someone else. Failure to do so may lead to you being referred back to your GP.

Lost Guide Card?  

  • If you have lost your guide card please telephone 01924 541989 and a member of the PIFU team will assist you accordingly.