Pinderfields Birth Centre

Pinders BC birthing pool

Pinderfields Birth Centre sits alongside the maternity triage and dedicated elective caesarean section unit on 18b which opened in September 2016 and offers a calm, relaxed, homely environment for women and their families.

We have two state of the art birthing pools with bluetooth connectivity and mood lighting; we can offer a range of birthing equipment including birthing balls, stools and mats. A further two of our rooms are designed for you to spend time with your baby following the birth and we welcome your partner to stay with you during this time.

We are proud of our passion for normality and pride ourselves in active birth. Out birth rate continues to increase and we currently welcome approximately 70 babies into the world a month.

To find out more or to organise a brief tour of the unit please discuss with your community midwife or contact us on 01924 543 005.

View our short film to learn more about Pinderfields Birth Centre and MYHT Labour Ward