Preventing Infection

Help us to keep you infection free whilst in hospital.

By working as a team, healthcare workers, patients and visitors can all make a difference and reduce the risk of you getting an infection and spreading infections. (Please ask for a copy of the leaflet ‘Reducing the Risk of Infections in Hospital’.) 

Clean hands - keeping hands clean is an effective way of preventing the spread of infections. Bacteria and viruses which cause infections can be carried on hands and passed from person to person or from contaminated objects to people.

Antibiotics - it is important to tell staff looking after you if you have taken any antibiotics in the
last three months, or if you are allergic to, or have bad side effects, with a particular antibiotic. We aim to treat patients with antibiotics for the shortest time possible.

Drips, drains, catheters, tubes and wounds - never touch your, or other patient’s, wounds, drips, drains or tubes. If you do so accidently, please wash your hands immediately. If you have a drip, drain, or tube in place please ask the staff caring for you at least daily when it will be removed.

Environment - we want to make sure your immediate area is clean and safe for you and others.
Please can you:
• Store items away in your lockers as much as possible
• Only keep essential items in hospital with you
• Tell a member of staff if you notice dust or dirt in the environment.