Professional Development and Education Support

Our award winning Professional Development and Education Unit (PDEU) team are available to all of our School of Nursing students for support and advice throughout their training.

You will meet members of the PDEU team on your first day as they deliver an Induction to you sharing important information about our Trust.

Our PDEU team also meet with all of our students prior to each placement to discuss what to expect when going on placements, allowing students an opportunity to ask any questions they may have. There is a reflection session halfway through all clinical placements that the PDEU team members attend in partnership with Bradford University lecturers. This is to ensure you are experiencing the highest quality placement and your learning needs are being met.

Our PDEU team deliver a Graduate Nurse Programme for students in their 3rd year. Our team won the Nursing Times 2019 award for the ‘Best Preceptorship Programme in a Trust over 1,500 staff’.

Our team are proud to be able to deliver the best possible preceptorship in England. Our PDEU team members will also work closely with all of our 3rd year student nurses to ensure you have a smooth transition to employment within our Trust as a Registered Nurse and have evidence based support throughout your first 12 months as a graduate nurse.