Publication of Spend 2012/13

2012/13 - monthly reports of spend over £25,000 

March 2013 [csv] 25KB
March 2013 [pdf] 190KB
February 2013 [csv] 19KB        
February 2013 [pdf] 166KB                
January 2013 [csv] 17KB          
January 2013 [pdf] 152KB                 
December 2013 [csv] 18KB          
December 2013 [pdf] 165KB    
November 2013.csv [csv] 17KB        
November 2012 [pdf] 75KB  
October 2012 [pdf] 158KB   
October 2012 [csv] 19KB  
September 2012 [pdf] 102KB  
September 2012 [csv] 9KB 
August 2012 [pdf] 129KB 
August 2012 [csv] 15KB
July 2012.csv [csv] 16KB 
July 2012.pdf [pdf] 130KB  
June 2012.csv [csv] 15KB
June 2012.pdf [pdf] 128KB 
May 2012.csv [csv] 20KB  
May 2012.pdf [pdf] 143KB
April 2012.csv [csv] 25KB
April 2012.pdf [pdf] 157KB

Please note: information on these reports is required to be presented in the format that it was first captured by the system.

As a result, there are some abbreviations and acronyms in the reports. These are explained in the Glossary of terms.