Research and Training

The research projects that are currently being undertaken in the YRSIC include:

Arm and hand function after spinal cord injury

This research is in collaboration with the University of Leeds. It aims to report on how the arm and hand functions are affected after a spinal cord injury and the changes that happen to them over time, depending on the severity of the injury. The tools used include various tests to assess arm and hand functions and questionnaires about functional capacity. The study has been granted ethical approval by the Leeds (West) Research Ethics Committee and the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Ethics Committee.

It is hoped that this research will be used to develop rehabilitation programmes for the upper limbs

Review of spinal Infections

Following the recent increase in the number of patients admitted with spinal infections and particularly Spinal epidural abscesses, a two-year review of the experience of the Centre was done and presented at the 49th ISCOS Scientific Meeting in October 2010.The Centre is currently undertaking a review of literature on the same subject.

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