Research Delivery

The Research Delivery Team, led by Lyn Wilson, is responsible for the development of a successful and balanced portfolio of research studies across all  specialities.

R&D Sharon

The people who carry out research are mostly the same healthcare professionals who treat patients. A research clinician has developed specialist knowledge and skills in the management and care of research participants. The aim is to find better ways of looking after patients and keeping people healthy. We also monitor and lead improvements in standards of care through supporting professional colleagues in the implementation of relevant research into practice.

The team has more than 30 dedicated experienced research delivery staff supporting the Trust’s ambition for excellence. In the spirit of MYHT objectives, the team’s ongoing priority is to engage with new Investigators and further develop the delivery infrastructure within the Trust.

The delivery team’s role involves having a sound understanding of the issues related to the identification, assessment, treatment and management of participants in a research study. We support studies initial feasibility assessment, assess workforce capacity, organise site initiation and provide on-going support throughout the research life-cycle including screening, consenting, randomising and following up participants.

Research Delivery team – key contacts
Key contacts Telephone email
Lyn Wilson - Lead Research Nurse 01924 543780
Beverley Taylor - Senior Research Nurse 01924 543775 
Judith Wright - Senior Research Nurse 01924 541808
Julie Ball - Lead Administrator 01924 543763
Charlotte Hirst - Senior Clinical Trials Assistant 01924 543073