Research Management and Support

Who are the Research Management and Support Department?

The Research & Management and Support (RM&S) team sometimes known as R&D, undertake local capacity and capability reviews as well as advising on study design and contracting. RM&S work with clinical teams to assist set up and delivery of research projects around The Trust ensuring research studies are conducted safely, ethically and efficiently.

RMandS team

Research & Management and Support have a role in:

  • Providing advice and support for researchers
  • Supporting our clinical staff to design and run their own local and national research studies
  • Understanding the capability and resources available to increase research activity across all divisions and sites
  • Reviewing all studies to ensure they are feasible within The Trust
  • Ensuring The Trust meets its responsibilities as sponsor and host institution
  • Collaborating with external stakeholders
  • Maintaining a database of all clinical research being conducted in the Trust
  • Undertaking strategic analysis of research areas to identify potential areas of growth
  • Acting as central point of contact if there are any issues relating to the development of research activity within a specialty
  • Performance monitoring on patient recruitment and numbers of staff actively involved in research
  • Assisting with grant application and locating funding opportunities
  • Costing research studies and administering study funds.
  • Negotiating and drawing up study contracts and agreements
  • Research quality including on-going study monitoring and auditing
  • Research Training
  • Being the innovation hub, supporting Trust staff to identify and develop new ideas


At Mid Yorks, all research activity which involve NHS staff, patients, patient samples, patient records or facilities should be registered with our team.

Contact Us: or 01924 543175

Research management and support - key contacts

Key contacts



Judith Holliday

Head of Research

01924 543772

Alex Clarkson

Research Governance Manager

01924 543956

Aimee Hayton-Bott

Research Quality Coordinator

01924 543761

Rosie Beckitt

Research Facilitator

01924 543647

Victoria Douglas

Research Facilitator

01924 543175