Welcome to the Rosewood Centre

We provide expert holistic and specialist positive support to the highest standard, for all adults living in our community with a progressive life limiting illness with care and compassion, making every day count to the end of life.

We help people with a life-limiting illness and their carers adjust to the physical limitations caused by their illness, along with any social and psychological problems in a supportive and friendly environment.

We make sure that everyone we support gets a warm welcome from our team.

Rosewood garden

Our Rosewood Centre opened in September 2000 and was funded by the Millennium Appeal, a fundraising initiative by Dewsbury and District Hospital, Kirkwood Hospice and The Reporter series of newspapers.


Day Support & Therapy sessions

Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays

10am to 3pm

Our Day sessions are sociable and supportive. When you come in, it’s your day; we want you to take a break, enjoy yourself and have some time to make sure your needs are met.

We will discuss goals that are important to you to work on during your sessions and offer regular reviews. At the end of each day, the team will make sure you are prepared for the week ahead, and they can help you access other community services where appropriate.

Throughout the day, you will have the opportunity to access services, such as therapeutic exercises, complementary therapies, creative therapies, specialist nursing, occupational and physiotherapy therapy support, and spiritual support. You can also chat with various members of our team, take part in various activities, socialise, or just relax and read.


Drop-in advice & support service

Mondays (excluding bank holidays) 10am to 4pm

Our Rosewood Palliative Support & Therapy Drop-in service provides informal support for patients and their carers who are coping with the challenges of an advanced life limiting condition.

The service is free and confidential and is tailored to your individual needs so that you can access a range of services to improve your quality of life.

On your first visit a member of our specially trained team will discuss your needs with you personally and confidentially. If it is felt that one or more of our services may help you, further appointments will be made. 

Our drop-in service programme for 2019:

Creative Therapies

10am -12pm

11.30am – 12pm

12.30pm – 2pm




2pm – 3pm

One to one & legacy work.

Assessment slots.

Group work. Eight sessions offered. No more than 5 in the group.  


Stress management. (Alternate weeks)



Available by appointment.

Nursing Staff

10am – 4pm

Available between 10.00 and 4pm


11.15am -12pm



1pm - 2pm

2pm - 3pm

Palliative Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PPR)/Exercise Group

PPR reviews

Therapy clinic

Occupational Therapy

12pm – 1pm



2pm - 3pm

Palliative Pulmonary Rehabilitation relaxation/education sessions

Stress management

(Alternate weeks)


10am – 4pm

By appointment only

Health Care Assistants

1pm – 3pm

‘Coffee and Chat’ in the conservatory.