Safe Nursing and Midwifery staffing levels

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust is committed to implementing the National Quality Boards' requirement to ‘Ensure the right people, with the right skills, are in the right place at the right time.’ 

As part of this commitment all NHS Trusts are required to publish monthly reports showing the number of nurses and health care assistants working on wards.

The information included in the report shows the planned staffing hours for each unit in comparison with the actual clinical hours worked.  This is separated to reflect days and nights as well as the required/worked hours of Registered Nursing and Healthcare Assistants.

This information can be found in the Nurse Staffing papers below. 

This information will also be published nationally via the NHS Choices website alongside other safety indicators. This will allow members of the public to see how hospitals are performing in terms of required/worked hours.

Nurse staffing papers 2020

January 2020 [pdf] 462KB

February 2020 [pdf] 463KB

September 2020 [pdf] 456KB

November 2020 [pdf] 459KB



Nurse staffing papers 2019

December 2019 [pdf] 509KB

November 2019 [pdf] 509KB

October 2019 [pdf] 256KB

September 2019 [pdf] 293KB

August 2019 [pdf] 299KB

July 2019 [pdf] 151KB

June 2019 [pdf] 188KB

May 2019 [pdf] 188KB

April 2019 [pdf] 191KB

March 2019 [pdf] 192KB

February 2019 [pdf] 192KB

January 2019.[pdf] 191KB


Nurse staffing papers 2018

December 2018 [pdf] 232KB

November 2018 [pdf] 233KB

October 2018 [pdf] 233KB

September 2018 [pdf] 149KB

August 2018 [pdf] 232KB

July 2018 [pdf] 248KB

May 2018 [pdf] 233KB

April 2018 [pdf] 232KB

February 2018 [pdf] 242KB

January 2018 [pdf] 160KB

Nurse staffing papers 2017

December 2017 [pdf] 61KB

November 2017 [pdf] 60KB

October 2017 [pdf] 61KB

September 2017 [pdf] 138KB

August 2017 [pdf] 59KB

July 2017 [pdf] 59KB

June 2017 [pdf] 59KB

May 2017 [pdf] 59KB

April 2017 [pdf] 56KB

March 2017 [pdf] 136KB

February 2017 [pdf] 56KB

January 2017 [pdf] 55KB

Nurse staffing papers 2016

December 2016 pdf 512KB

October 2016 pdf  577KB

September 2016 pdf 727KB

August 2016 pdf 712KB

June 2016 pdf  684KB

May 2016 pdf  626KB

April 2016 pdf 511KB

Nurse staffing levels 2015

October 2015 pdf 214KB

September 2015 pdf 220KB

June 2015 pdf 902KB

 April 2015 pdf 1MB

January 2015 pdf 1MB