Steph tells us her story

We're so pleased to hear that Steph Rowlands had a positive birth experience recently at Pinderfields Hospital. 

Photo of Steph and her baby and her midwife Olivia

“I had my baby girl Jasmine Olivia on the 28 May. I was on the induction suite from Sunday night until Wednesday morning and the staff on there were amazing, they were so kind and assisted me with anything I needed and nothing was too much trouble.

"I was moved to the labour ward on Wednesday where I had my waters broken and my labour started. My midwife Claire was beyond amazing, she was easy to talk to and put me at ease straight away. She made me feel comfortable and the student midwife she had with her again was so lovely. They made my experience easy and they really couldn't have been any nicer. 

"That night midwife Olivia came on duty who was also my community midwife. This was a huge relief as I knew her and we already had a good relationship. Later in the night things became more challenging but Olivia was in complete control kept me at ease, made me feel safe and very well looked after. She wasn't afraid to ask for the doctor to come check things and when they realised I needed an emergency c-section, Olivia kept me relaxed and explained what was happening. As it was happening, the emergency team turned up and got everything ready in no time at all ensuring the safety of my baby and me.

"All the staff I had contact with including the domestic team are some of the nicest people I've ever had the chance to meet. They are a credit to The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust and how it’s run and myself and my partner Andy will forever be grateful to them all.” 

Baby Jasmine was given Olivia as her middle name after midwife Olivia. Steph said she was so grateful to Olivia for helping her little girl to arrive safely. 

Olivia was delighted to hear that Steph and her family were doing so well and had such a positive birth experience. She said:

"Since launching our continuity of carer team in February, we've had fantastic feedback just like this from Steph. I initially met Steph at her booking appointment and have seen her throughout her pregnancy along with the other members of my team. Getting to know Steph antenatally meant I knew what she needed to make her feel safe and comfortable in labour. Steph coped fantastically well with what was a very difficult time and it was a pleasure to be there supporting her. Since giving birth, I have had to opportunity to visit Steph at home as part of the continuity process.

"It was an emotional surprise to find out that she had decided to call the baby Jasmine Olivia following her care within the team. At this visit, I was able to discuss her birth and answer any questions that she had regarding everything that happened. All women are debriefed at birth, but sometimes after long labours they don’t always remember all the details. Having the opportunity to discuss what happened with someone who was there when they have had a chance to recover a little is something women are finding really useful. I feel privileged to be able to work in a model of care which is so woman centred and where I can build such brilliant relationships with women and their families."

Thank you for sharing your experience with us and huge congratulations to Steph and her family from all of us at the Trust.