Student Researchers

student researchersStudents below doctoral level

In most cases, it is expected that where projects are undertaken by a student(s) in fulfillment of educational qualifications below doctoral level, the academic supervisor will take on the role of Chief Investigator. Where acting as the Chief Investigator (CI), the academic supervisor should sign both the CI and supervisor declarations.

Although non-doctoral students should not be named as the CI, it is expected that the student will complete the application form on behalf of the CI as part of their training. The Research Ethics Committee (REC) will invite the student to attend the meeting to answer questions about the study and will address all correspondence to the student (copied to the CI). (Supervisors are also encouraged to attend the meeting.) If a favourable opinion is given by the REC, it is expected that the student will actually undertake the research under supervision of the Chief Investigator.

We offer work experience opportunities for student nurses, please contact Jacqueline Bartholomew.

Doctoral students

It is normally expected that a doctoral student undertaking a project will be named as the Chief Investigator rather than the academic supervisor.

However, in some cases it may be more appropriate for a clinical supervisor to take on the role of Chief Investigator for a project undertaken by a doctoral student. An NHS organisation may, for example, make such a decision in the case of a clinical trial of an investigational medicinal product or a study involving significant risk. 

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Mid Yorks Library and Information Service

Trust LibraryThe Trust has LIbrary available to all clinical and non-clinical staff in Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust; students on placement during their time in The Trust; organisations with a valid contract or service level agreement. It has books, journals and access to online resources and NHS Athens. 


student guidance The NHS has put together a guidance document for students >>>