The Trust is working to offer safer care for people who need an operation by separating emergency and high risk surgery from routine surgery. 

Changes to surgical services will happen in two stages:


From September 2016 all emergency (unplanned) surgery will be provided at Pinderfields Hospital, in Wakefield. People who call an ambulance or who come to one of the Trust’s emergency departments with an urgent problem that needs surgery will usually be transferred to Pinderfields. (In some cases – if it is safe to do so - patients who need a simple surgical procedure may be able to be booked into a local clinic for treatment within a few days).

A new dedicated centre for women with acute gynaecological problems will be developed at Pinderfields.

Dewsbury and Pontefract Hospitals will be developed as centres for planned operations for a wider range of problems. Complex colorectal surgery and bariatric surgery will continue to be provided at Dewsbury Hospital until autumn 2017.

Outpatient appointments and day surgery will still be available at Pinderfields, Pontefract and Dewsbury Hospitals.

Why is this better?

There are many benefits for patients of separating planned surgery from unplanned surgery:

•    National guidance says separating planned and urgent care saves lives and improves clinical outcomes
•    Ensures quick access to urgent surgery
•    Ensures local treatment for non-complex planned surgery 
•    Less risk of cancellation of planned operations
•    Reduces the time people need to stay in hospital - more efficient
•    More senior surgical cover
•    Less risk of infection
•    Less variation in care provision and better weekend care.

Find out more by viewing this short film.