Trust Board

Our Trust Board is legally responsible for the leadership, direction, control and risk management of our hospitals.This includes setting the strategic aims and ensuring that the necessary financial and human resources are in place for the Trust to meet its objectives.

The Trust Board is made up of voting and non voting members which includes our Chief Executive, Non-Executive Directors and Executive Directors. You can see how this is broken down below and find out more about each board member. 

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Voting members

Non-Executive Directors
Keith Ramsay
Simon Stone
Julie Charge
Gary Ellis
David Throssell

Executive Directors 
Martin Barkley - Chief Executive
David Melia - Director of Nursing and Quality
Jane Hazelgrave - Director of Finance
Karen Stone - Medical Director
Trudie Davies - Chief Operating Officer

Non-voting members

Executive Directors
Debbie Newton - Director of Community Services
Mark Braden - Director of Estates, Facilities and IMT
Phillip Marshall - Director of Workforce and Organisational Development 

Associate Non-Executive Directors
Amanda Moat
Stephen Radford

Register of Interests

Board and key decision making individuals REGISTER OF INTERESTS.November 2020.pdf [pdf] 457KB