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Supporting patients as a Veteran Aware trust 

We are proud to have received accreditation as being Veteran Aware. This means that patients who have served in the UK Armed Forces will be cared for by frontline staff who have received training and education on their specific needs, such as around mental health, and can signpost them to local support services, some of which are listed below.

Local services providing help and support

  • The Veterans’ Gateway is a first point of contact for veterans and their families and can put them in touch with the organisations best placed to help with the information, advice and support they need. The Veterans’ Gateway can be contacted by phone (0808 802 1212), text (81212) or online at by live chat or email.
  • NHS Transition, Intervention and Liaison Mental Health Service is for armed forces personnel approaching discharge and veterans. The service provides a range of treatment, from access to early support to therapeutic treatment for complex mental health difficulties and psychological trauma. It also provides help, where appropriate, with other problems, for example money, employment or housing. Please contact 0191 441 5974.
  • The Veterans and Families’ Directory of Services is an online and searchable map of services for the Armed Forces Community. All NHS staff can access the app at

Other helpful services

  • Veterans’ Trauma Network provides specialist care to veterans with service-specific injuries. Veterans benefit from a personalised care plan implemented by top military and civilian trauma experts in health centres across England. Referrals can be made via your GP at For more information, email Blesma at or call 0208 548 7080.
  • Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Services. If you have acquired hearing loss and/or tinnitus relating to your time in service, additional support can be funded through the Royal British Legion Veterans’ Hearing Fund. To access the service, ask your GP to refer you to your local NHS audiology department or download an application form via the Veterans’ Medical Funds webpage at
  • Mobility Equipment Support The Royal British Legion has a Veterans’ Mobility Fund, which provides specialist wheelchairs, orthotic equipment and other mobility-related items for veterans who have a service-related serious physical injury and whose needs cannot be met through statutory services. Eligibility for the fund requires the condition to be attributable to service and typically applicants will be in receipt of a War Pension or relevant award under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.To find out more, visit