Video appointments

At The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust we are doing everything we can to ensure that we support as many outpatient appointments as possible during the Covid-19 outbreak.

To help achieve this, we have launched video appointments across a number of our clinical areas. Appointments are undertaken via our secure web-based video consultation platform, which allows patients to have a virtual consultation online with one or more clinicians using online video technology.

Therefore, you may be invited to attend your upcoming appointment by video call. Providing patients with the option of having their appointments over video makes it easier for patients to ‘stay home and stay safe’ and helps us to continue to deliver your care during the coronavirus outbreak.


The benefits of video consultations include:

  • Helping to reduce unnecessary physical attendances by patients at our hospital sites.
  • Enabling patients and clinicians to continue with their appointments from home.
  • Being an easy and convenient way to deliver and attend appointments during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Patient feedback

Some of our patients have provided us with feedback regarding their experiences of using video consultation.

It was good to have a video consultation as an alternative to face to face especially during this time of Coronavirus lockdown.

It saved me a two-hour round trip and the pain travelling due to my spinal cord injury which was very much appreciated. Also kept us both safe during this Coronavirus.

Everything about the call was as positive and productive as if we were sat in a room together face-to-face.

Excellent service.

Find out more

Find out more about video consultations here.


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