What to bring

If you are due to come to our hospitals and stay overnight please see the following checklist:

Please do bring:

  • Your own nightwear, dressing gown and slippers
  • Washing things, toiletries and a towel
  • Shaving things (non-electric)
  • Any medications you are presently taking, in their containers
  • Small change for the phones
  • Comfortable, loose clothes to wear out of bed.


You might like to bring:

  • Books or magazines
  • Writing materials
  • Mobile phone - please be aware that there are restrictions on the use of Mobile phones
  • Personal stereo (with headphones).


Please do not bring:

  • Jewellery
  • Large amounts of money
  • Credit cards
  • Large amounts of food
  • Large suitcases
  • Plug-in electrical appliances (long term patients can bring electrical appliances but must have the plugs checked at the hospital before using them).

You will have a small locker next to your bed for your personal possessions. Storage space is very limited so only bring with you one or two sets of day clothes.


Coming to our hospitals as an outpatient

Please read your appointment letter and any enclosures very carefully as it might ask you to bring certain items with you.

Please remember to bring your appointment letter and any other information we have sent you.

Please bring any medications you are taking and any samples as required by your doctor or nurse.