What you will need

Please bring:  
• Nightwear, dressing gown and slippers
• Toiletries and a towel
• Shaving items
• Any medications you are currently taking, in their original containers
• Comfortable clothes to wear out of bed.

You might like to bring:
• Books or magazines
• Writing materials
• Personal stereo (with headphones)
• Mobile phone 
• Small amounts of cash (to purchase items such as newspapers).

You will have a small locker next to your bed for your personal possessions. Storage space is limited so only bring with you one or two sets of day clothes.

Please don't bring:
• Jewellery
• Large amounts of money
• Credit cards
• Large amounts of food
• Large suitcases
• Items of high sentimental value.

If this is unavoidable, please ask a relative to take them home for you. If this is not possible, hand in any valuables to the nurse in charge of your ward on arrival for the safe keeping of such items. The ward staff will take reasonable steps to ensure safe keeping of your valuables, such as glasses, dentures, hearing aids, etc. The Trust however cannot accept responsibility of patient property unless it is handed over for safe keeping.

Flowers - unfortunately flowers are not allowed in the hospital as they can be a source of infection. Please advise visitors not to bring flowers into hospital.