Your Birth Choices

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust offers all four birth choices as recomended by NICE guidelines. We are one of the few trusts across the country to offer this choice to you.

  • Home births
  • Standalone birth centre
  • Alongside birth centre
  • Labour ward

Read some recent birth stories to find out more about different experiences from the full range of locations available for birth. 

Home Birthmum holding baby birthed at home

We have a dedicated team of experienced home birth midwives who will offer support and be by your side throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. Read more on our dedicated website page. 

Birth Centres

Midwife-led birth centres are staffed by trained midwives who work in partnership with women to provide support, care and advice during pregnancy and labour. Birth centres offer a safe and comfortable place for the birth for women who are unlikely to need medical intervention.

Mothers benefit from a personal, one-to-one approach which offers a positive birth experience. 

Our midwife-led birth centres have individual birthing suites which are decorated to offer a home from home environment. Birthing pools are available.

Birth Centres are designed to give you a similar experience to home births. The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust has Birth Centres at Pinderfields Hospital and Dewsbury and District Hospital. 

Bronte Birth Centre at Dewsbury and District Hospital

Bronte Birth CentreAs of September 2016 this new freestanding Birth Centre has been open to low risk pregnancies. It offers four en-suite birth rooms that provide a comfortable home from home atmosphere.

There are two state of the art birthing pools with mood lighting. Our skilled and knowledgeable midwives are there to support and care for women who are having an uncomplicated labour and birth.

You can choose to give birth here wherever you live, you can contact Bronte Birth centre on 01924 319152 if you have any questions.

Ante-natal, birth and post-natal care at Dewsbury.[pdf] 304KB

Pinderfields Birth Centre 

Pinderfields Birth Centre sits alongside the maternity triage and dedicated elective caesarean section unit on 18b which opened in September 2016 and offers a Pinders BC birthing poolcalm, relaxed, homely environment for women and their families. 

We have two state of the art birthing pools with bluetooth connectivity and mood lighting; we can offer a range of birthing equipment including birthing balls, stools and mats. A further two of our rooms are designed for you to spend time with your baby following the birth and we welcome your partner to stay with you during this time.

We are proud of our passion for normality and pride ourselves in active birth. Out birth rate continues to increase and we currently welcome approximately 70 babies into the world a month.

To find out more or to organise a brief tour of the unit please discuss with your community midwife or contact us on 01924 543 005.

The Friarwood Birth Centre

The Friarwood Birth Centre at Pontefract was temporarily closed on Friday 8 November 2019.

This isn't a choice we've made lightly.  Essentially, it’s because - despite having just recruited 15 new midwives to the Trust - there is a national shortage of midwives and we still don’t currently have enough midwives to provide the standard of service we would want to across all three of our midwifery-led units. So we have to employ our midwives where most women choose to birth, which is at Pinderfields and Dewsbury (find more details about the reasons here).

Labour Ward

The delivery suite at Pinderfields provides women centred care for both high risk women and the low risk women who chose to deliver there. Women and their families are cared for by the Midwifery and Obstetric team who pride themselves on delivering individualised care and the best possible patient experience. 

The Delivery Suite has a full range of facilities and options to support women through their labour, we have 13 private on suite rooms including one with a birthing pool, we also have wireless fetal heart rate monitoring allowing women who need to be monitored during labour the option of the birthing pool.  Women are provided 1:1 Midwifery care in labour, this further supported as clinically required by dedicated Obstetric, Neonatal and Anaesthetic teams.

The Unit has a separate Triage open 24 hours to provide assessment and reassurance for women with antenatal concerns, it also has an enhanced recovery area where women who are booked for an elective caesarean section are admitted to and in many cases where appropriate will received their full care from admission to discharge.

Our visitors charter

Our priority is to provide quality care for our women and babies. We recognise the important role partners, birth partners and families can play in helping to improve women’s wellbeing and experience. This Charter explains what you can expect from us during your visit and what we would like from you in return -  Visitors Charter - Maternity[pdf] 67KB