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About our service

Our Audiology department offers a wide variety of audiological assessments, treatment plans and rehabilitation therapy which is tailored to meet your individual requirements.

The Audiology department undertakes a wide range of hearing and balance assessments on adults, children and babies.  

We provide a professional and caring service that supports individuals and their families with:

  • hearing problems
  • balance disorders
  • tinnitus
  • new-born hearing screening
  • rehabilitation support.

We work in partnership with you to manage your condition effectively with the use of hearing devices, counselling and hearing therapy.

We deliver services and treatments at five different sites to enable the most accessible locations for all individuals. 

We are able to support all our patients, who range from new-born babies and children through to adults and senior citizens.

Services available at:

Pinderfields Hospital

Dewsbury and District Hospital

Pontefract Hospital

Dewsbury Health Centre

Cleckheaton Health Centre

Home visits (approval by GP required)

Conditions we treat

  • Hearing problems for all ages for adults, children and babies.
  • Balance disorders and dizziness.
  • Advice and counselling for tinnitus.
  • New-born hearing screening programme.
  • Free NHS digital hearing aids with advanced technology for adults, children and babies.
  • Free ongoing support, maintenance and repairs for all hearing aids issued by our service.
  • Free NHS replacement hearing aid batteries for all devices issued.
  • Advice and support with onward referral to specialist services.

What our patients say

Our established department consists of polite, experienced and knowledgeable professionals, who promote a caring and friendly environment.

We aim to ensure that all individuals using our service receive high quality care and treatment, delivering confidence and trust in the service that we deliver to you and your family. Please see some of our recent patient feedback.

Please tell us your experience about the service in our feedback questionnaire 

Patient feedback


Very good. Plenty of explanations and patience.


Excellent she took good care of my son she did not rush and explained things well.


Excellent care received in the audiology department, very caring and made me feel at ease.

Audiology instructional videos

Hearing aid tube replacement

Hearing aid batteries

Inserting and removing hearing aid with an ear mould

Cleaning ear moulds

Inserting and remove a hearing aid with a slim tube

Changing slim tubes and domes

Cleaning slim tubes and domes

Video transcripts (word documents)

Audiology - hearing aid tube replacement.docx[docx] 13KB  
Audiology - hearing aid batteries.docx[docx] 13KB 
Audiology - Inserting and removing hearing aid with an ear mould.docx[docx] 14KB 
Audiology - Cleaning ear moulds.docx[docx] 14KB 
Audiology - Inserting and remove a hearing aid with a slim tube.docx[docx] 14KB 
Audiology - Cleaning slim tubes and domes.docx[docx] 13KB 

Training centre for student Audiologists

Training centre for student Audiologists

Our Audiology department is a training centre for student Audiologists from the University of Leeds. Students’ gain valuable learning and experience from this centre and may be involved with your care.

Audiology students always work under the direct/indirect supervision of a qualified Audiologist. If you would prefer not to have an Audiology student involved in your care please let us know before your appointment.

Our service supports the development of all staff by creating opportunities for continued professional development (CPD), and by accessing the national apprenticeship scheme.

Quality Accreditation

Quality Accreditation

Our service is currently participating in the United Kingdom Accreditation Scheme (UKAS) for Improving Quality in Physiological Services (IQIPS).

We strive to improve service quality, care and safety for all patients by working to professional standards and guidelines.

Children Hearing Services Working Group (CHSWG)

The Audiology service at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals in conjunction with Wakefield and North Kirklees education service, and families of children with hearing loss and who wear hearing aids. We meet collaboratively three times a year to review the service needs and make recommendations to ensure services meet the requirements of our children and their families. For more information or to become involved please visit; or