Skin cancer plastic and reconstructive surgery

The Plastic surgery department, along with the dermatology department assess and manage skin cancers. 

About our service

Within our team we have specialist skin cancer nurses who provide follow up appointments and ongoing support. They also help liaise between the plastic surgery and dermatology services, as well as between our skin service and the Leeds SSMDT to help ensure a smooth transfer of care.

Our skin cancer service receives referrals from General Practice, Dermatology and other surgical specialities. Your first appointment with us will always be for assessment, regardless of whether you have been seen and referred by another specialist. This is to ensure we can discuss all options with you a provide you with a safe and appropriate care plan. Following this initial appointment, if surgery is deemed appropriate, you would attend a pre-operative assessment on the same day and would then receive your appointment for theatre in the post. The wait time for surgery is based on the urgency of the condition being treated and ranges from a few weeks to a few months.

Our skin cancer service is provided by dedicated consultants including:

  • Mr Mohammed
  • Mr Fourie
  • Mr Spyrou – Departmental Lead for Skin Cancer
  • Miss George
  • Miss Muthayya
  • Mr Holmes

Our skin clinics and theatre sessions

Day Location Clinic Session and Consultant
Monday Pinderfields

Morning clinic: Miss George alternating with Miss Austin

Monday Pontefract

Afternoon clinic: Mr Fourie

Wednesday Pinderfields

Morning clinic: Miss Muthayya

Wednesday Dewsbury

Morning clinic: Miss Austin alternating with Mr Mohammed

Thursday Pinderfields

Morning clinic: Mr Holmes

Thursday Ashton centre at Pinderfields

Afternoon clinic: Mr Fourie (alternate weeks)

Friday Pinderfields

Afternoon clinic: Mr Fourie (alternate week

Links to other services

We are supported by two clinical nurse specialists.

Sarah Gateley: Pinderfields Hospital and Dewsbury and District Hospital

Tel: 01924546085

Sue Lloyd: Pinderfields Hospital and Pontefract Hospital

They are an excellent first point of contact, and provide the link between the dermatology service and plastic surgeons. They will often see you for your follow-up and provide post-operative support as required.

Useful links and support organisations

Melanoma focus website

Bapras skin cancer types and patient information leaflets