Your pregnancy

Our Maternity services cover the care of mums-to-be and their baby, including during the birth and the postnatal period (immediately after the baby is born).

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust offers a wide range of choice for you to decide where to have your baby.

To book for care with us please contact your GP and ask for a booking appointment with the midwife.

Most babies in this region are born in hospital, however, Midwives are experts in normal pregnancy and a home birth might be an option for you. 

The Pontefract and Dewsbury sites offer standalone Birth Centres, whilst the Pinderfields Birth Centre is alongside the Labour Ward.

The consultant led Labour Ward is on the Pinderfields Site.

The following booklet will tell you more about the care we offer if you choose to have your baby with us. It provides detailed information on the birth choices available to you through the Trust.

Information for women and partners booklet [pdf] 3MB