Annual Reports

All Trusts are legally required to produce an annual report each year to help the public understand how well they are performing.

In addition every Trust is audited on its performance on an annual basis. The scope, nature and extent of that audit work along with a summary of the auditor's opinions and significant issues arising from the audit is then published in an annual external auditor's letter. 

We value your feedback so please also tell us if you have any comments on our annual report in terms of design or content. Alternatively, email


Annual Reports and Accounts


MYHT Annual Report 2019 20.pdf  8MB

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Accounts 2019-20.pdf [pdf] 958KB


Annual Report 2018-2019 [pdf] 8MB

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Accounts 2018-19.pdf [pdf] 564KB


Annual Report 2017-2018 [pdf] 7MB

Annual accounts 2017-2018 [pdf] 3MB


Annual Report 2016-2017.pdf [pdf] 6MB

Mid Yorks Annual Audit Letter 201617 pdf 109KB


Annual Report 2015-2016 [pdf] 4MB


Annual Report 2014_15 [pdf] 3MB


Annual Report 2013/14 [pdf] 4MB

MY Trust Accounts 2013/14 [pdf] 2MB

MY Charity Accounts 2013/14 [pdf] 413KB

MY Charity Trustee Report 2013/14 [pdf] 455KB


Annual Report 2012/13 [pdf] 7MB

If you would prefer to read the Annual Report on your computer screen or tablet, click here for the web version of the Annual Report 2012/13. Click or swipe on the far right or left edge of the screen to move forwards or backwards through the Report on the web version.

MY Trust Accounts 2012_13 [pdf] 1MB
MY Charity Accounts 2012_13 [pdf] 395KB
MY Charity Trustee Report 2012_13 [pdf] 513KB


MY Annual Report 2011_12 [pdf] 2MB
MY Trust Accounts 2011_12 [pdf] 2MB
MY Charity Accounts 2011_12 [pdf] 400KB
MY Charity Trustee Report 2011_12 [pdf] 554KB


MY Annual Report 2010/11 [pdf] 8MB
MY full accounts 2010/11 [pdf] 512KB
External Auditors letter [pdf] 331KB
MY Charitable Fund 2010/11 accounts [pdf] 4MB
MY Trustee Annual Report 2010/11 [pdf] 6MB


Annual Report and Accounts 2009/10 [pdf] 6MB


Annual Report and Accounts 2008/09 [pdf] 9MB
Annual Report 2008/09 - External auditor's letter


Annual Report and Accounts 2007/08 [pdf] 10MB
Annual Report 2007/08 - External auditor's letter [pdf] 195.91KB


Annual Report and Accounts 2006/07 [pdf] 11MB
Annual Report 2006/07 - External auditor's letter


Annual Report 2005/06 [pdf] 2MB
Annual Report 2005/06 - External auditor's letter


Annual Report 2004/05 [pdf] 3MB