EV chargers

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The Trust has installed EV charge-points at two of our hospital sites.

EV chargers

The Trust has installed EV charge-points at two of our hospital sites.

The chargers are now live and available to use for staff and visitors. These were installed by Pure-EV.

Where are the EV chargers located?

EV chargers are currently available at the following locations:

  • Three 22kW dual chargers (six bays) at Pinderfields Hospital outside the NRU Building.
  • Two 22kW dual chargers (four bays) at Dewsbury Hospitals near to the Ridings Building.

How can I use the chargers?

To utilise the chargers, visitors will need to download the free Fuuse Driver App. Drivers must provide their own charging cables to connect into the charging tower and the socket uses a Type 2 connector.

How much do the chargers cost?

Currently, the unit rate being charged is 35p per kWh, which is considered to be reasonable and in line with general market trends, as things stand. However, this will change as energy prices fluctuate and the app will always display the most up-to-date fees, so please refer to the app to understand the charges you will incur.

Who can use the EV charger bays?

The EV charger bays are clearly marked with an EV symbol and there are also signs that explain the parameters of usage. These spaces are retained solely for the use of EVs or plug-in hybrids and no diesel or petrol vehicles should be parked in the designated bays at any time.

Will fines be issued?

Although there are no fixed penalty notices being issued for EV bay blockers at present (as of 23 August 2022), there will be shortly. Therefore, in the meantime, it’s a matter of people demonstrating fair and reasonable behaviours in not contravening the rules. 

Given that these are fast chargers, visitors are asked to use them for no more than three hours, as most standard EV batteries will be topped up within that timeframe. Soon, anyone staying beyond that threshold will need to pay a penalty of £10 per additional hour of overstay (up to a maximum of £40). This is to prevent bay blocking by fully charged EVs.

Updates to this information will be issued when penalties are formally introduced. However, visitors are advised to assume penalties are live when using the chargers, as the Trust could implement fines at any time.

What if I have questions or a complaint?

If you have any questions or complaints – or wish to make an appeal once the penalty system goes live – please email the Sustainability team if it relates to EV overstay fines: midyorks.mygreenteam@nhs.net.

For fixed penalty notice queries relating to petrol or diesel bay blockers – when those penalties are in operation – please use the escalation route highlighted on your parking fine documentation.