MY Green Plan

MY Green Plan

Setting the scene for our journey to achieve carbon net zero.

MY Green Plan

MY Green Plan The Green Plan for Mid Yorkshire sets the scene for the work we will do over the next three years to expand and accelerate our existing decarbonisation programme and support the system’s vital work to make the NHS net zero.

This plan will pave the way for ambitious projects to be developed and implemented and goes beyond carbon alone, with waste, community engagement, biodiversity and adapting to future climate change impacts also being integral.

Areas of focus

Our Green Plan is broken down into key areas of intervention that the Trust will be working on to bring about the changes required to achieve net zero and to make the organisation more sustainable. These areas of focus incorporate a range of actions that will be prioritised during the next three financial years, starting from April 2022. The areas are:

  • Workforce and system leadership
  • Sustainable models of care and digitisation
  • Travel, transport and mobility
  • Trust estate
  • Medicines in use
  • Waste and water
  • Procurement and supply chains
  • Food and nutrition
  • Partnerships and community anchorage
  • Adaptation and resilience
  • Enhancing biodiversity

View MY Green Plan

You can view MY Green Plan via the links below. These include low and high resolution versions, as well as an extract of the Actions which highlights what we will aim to deliver.

The full versions of the plan also incorporate links within the contents page to direct you straight to whichever section you require for ease of reading.

MY Green Plan - 2022-2025 (low res) [pdf] 3MB

MY Green Plan - 2022-2025 (high res) [pdf] 24MB

MY Green Plan - 2022-2025 - Actions [pdf] 868KB

MY Green Annual Report

View the MY Green Annual Reports, which cover the 2020/21, 2021/22 and 2022/23 financial years, here.