Our services at Pontefract

The purpose-built Pontefract Hospital opened in 2011. It focuses on the provision of urgent care as well as elective, diagnostics and rehabilitation services. 

Our services at Pontefract

Pontefract Hospital

The purpose-built Pontefract Hospital, built on the site of the old Pontefract General Infirmary, opened in 2011. It focuses on the provision of urgent care as well as elective, diagnostics and rehabilitation services. 

Pontefract’s Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) opened in April 2018. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it is led by a team of GPs with experience in emergency medicine, who work alongside our advanced nurse practitioners and emergency nurse practitioners to see and treat a range of minor illnesses and injuries. The unit treated 43,000 patients in its first year and the numbers making use of the service continue to grow. We have also introduced direct booking into the UTC for patients calling 111.  

As one of the Trust’s main centres for providing treatment planned in advance with patients, Pontefract Hospital also provides over 20,000 day case and elective inpatient surgical treatments per year across a range of specialties such as oncology, plastic surgery and colorectal surgery. Over half of the Trust’s ophthalmology day cases are provided at Pontefract. 

The hospital features an 18-bed Elective Orthopaedic Suite, dedicated to providing elective orthopaedic surgery. The unit handles the most orthopaedic day cases and elective surgery of all the Trust’s three sites. The dedicated unit undertakes around 2,000 procedures in a year, such as hip and knee replacements and foot and ankle surgery. 

The hospital also provides a broad range of diagnostic services to patients, including over 2,000 MRI scans per year and over 1,700 CT scans.  Within the hospital’s Therapy and Rehabilitation Institute, over 34,000 patients are seen each year for physiotherapy, occupational therapy and podiatry.

Similarly to Dewsbury, Pontefract Hospital also hosts a Kidney Dialysis Unit provided by Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. The unit allows patients to have their dialysis closer to home, avoiding the need to travel to Leeds for treatment. The hospital also houses GP out-of-hours services provided by Local Care Direct on an evening and weekends, and GP extended access appointments provided by Connexus. 

A year at Pontefract Hospital

Across all services at Pontefract over a quarter of a million people are treated at the hospital every year.

  • 43,308 attendees at the Urgent Treatment Centre
  • 18,500 day cases
  • Over 1,000 elective inpatients
  • Over 5,000 surgical pre-assessment appointments
  • Over 100,000 outpatient appointments
  • Over 34,000 therapy appointments

Pontefract Hospital ward details

Pontefract Hospital ward details:

Pontefract Hospital ward details
Ward Contact Number
A&E/UTC Rea Connell 01977 747572
Day Surgery Unit Sian Hirst
Maureen Wallis
01924 345095
Diabetes Centre Diabetes Centre 01977 747930
Children's Outpatient Laure Brooker 01977 777062