Occupational Therapy

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About our service

“Helping to make everyday activities easier”

Occupational therapists work with patients who have functional, cognitive and psychological impairments and social care issues. Occupational Therapists enable patients to manage and maintain as much independence as possible with their activities of daily living and provide rehabilitation, education, support and advice where needed working closely with patients, families and carers.

Our Occupational therapy services work with inpatients and outpatients, adults and children, and provide:

  • Assessment and solutions for patients to carry out personal and domestic activities
  • Equipment
  • Cognitive and perceptual assessment relating to functional tasks
  • Rehabilitation programmes
  • Education and support

Our hand therapy service includes hand and upper limb treatments including splinting and are managed at all three hospital sites.

Our children’s services are managed at Pinderfields and Pontefract hospital sites.

Our Medical and Elderly Care services includes complex assessment and management of falls and long term conditions for individuals over the age 65 are managed at both Pinderfields and Dewsbury Hospitals.

Conditions we treat

Dependent on the specialist area of work, the Occupational Therapist treatment programme can include:

  • assessment of personal activities of daily living
  • assessment of domestic activities of daily living
  • discharge planning
  • provision of equipment
  • home environment assessments
  • manual handling assessment
  • rehabilitation
  • group Work
  • cognitive and perceptual screening


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