Our services at Pinderfields

The Pinderfields Hospital building was opened in 2011 and is the largest of the Trust’s three hospitals. 

Our services at Pinderfields

Pinderfields Hospital

The Pinderfields Hospital building was opened in 2011 and is the largest of the Trust’s three hospitals. Pinderfields is the Trust’s main site for patients who need acute care and provides a range of inpatient, outpatient, diagnostic and maternity services. The hospital provides both urgent and emergency care as well as services such as elective surgery, which are planned in advance with patients.

Pinderfields is the busiest hospital within the Trust. In any one year we may have over 127,000 attendances to our A&E and over 58,000 emergency admissions. We provide more than a quarter of a million outpatient appointments at the hospital across a range of medical and surgical specialties.

Our Critical Care Unit at Pinderfields provides intensive care to our most unwell patients. Staffed by specialist critical care nurses, the unit has a CQC rating of Outstanding for the compassionate care they provide to the patients and their families. 

Pinderfields is also home to our A&E dedicated to children, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which works closely with our Children’s Assessment Unit. Staffed by specialist paediatric doctors and nurses, they work closely together to treat our youngest patients and get them home if possible, avoiding unnecessary and potentially stressful short-stay admissions. All our children’s services take a family-centred approach to care. We also employ play specialists who are devoted to helping children understand any procedures they may have to undertake and to make any hospital stay as positive as possible.

As part of our commitment to providing the least stressful experience possible for our patients who have been referred for possible cancer, we have been transforming how we offer services in recent years. For example, we provide a one-stop service in urology, reducing anxious waits for tests for patients, 70% of whom have been able to be discharged at their first appointment. We also run joint cancer clinics so that patients can see a specialist and an oncologist on the same day instead of weeks apart as may have been the case previously. Pinderfields also hosts the Macmillan Information Pod, offering support, advice and information for anyone affected by cancer.

The Eye Centre

The Eye Centre, a £5 million purpose-built building designed with the help of patients and staff as part of the reconfiguration of our hospital services, is one of the busiest ophthalmology departments in the region. The introduction of rapid access clinics, seeing 40 acute patients per day, means we are getting our patients to the most appropriate staff and providing treatment much more quickly.

Technological innovation

Mid Yorkshire is also embracing technological innovation in order to improve our services. By offering an e-consultation service in over 14 specialties, we have prevented approximately 4000 people having to attend outpatient appointments. We also run a virtual fracture clinic, answering questions and giving reassurance to patients who then don’t have to make the journey to the hospital site. 

In April 2019, Pinderfields Hospital took delivery of a brand new, state of the art, da Vinci X Robot, which will allow our surgical teams to further expand their capacity to provide keyhole specialist surgery for complex, life-threatening conditions and to perform more complex procedures with a few small incisions, leading to reduced blood loss and infection, faster recovery times and a reduced length of stay in hospital.

Adults and Paediatrics Burn Service

Pinderfields Hospital is home to the region’s specialist burns service. The unit treats patients with burn injuries and skin loss conditions of all levels of complexity from all over Yorkshire, Humberside and North Lincolnshire, serving a population of 5 million, as well as taking patients from other regions and sometimes overseas.

Our dedicated team includes surgeons, intensivists, anaesthetists, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and other staff, all of whom who are passionate about delivering high quality burns care. We treat acute burn injuries, complex skin loss conditions in adult and children, and long-term scar problems including patients with complex and specialist reconstructive needs. We are one of the few centres in the North of England who practice enzymatic burns debridement, leading the way nationally in treating critically ill and major burns in this manner, and we carry out a range of reconstructive activity, including tissue expanders for post burn hair loss and specialist burned breast reconstruction.

We are the only burn centre in Yorkshire and the Humber providing burns surgical training and our team of specialised burns intensivists provide training to anaesthetists and intensive care doctors from across the Yorkshire region. We also conduct burn courses for GPs. Our expertise has been drawn on to develop national guidelines on burns and our teams routinely present at national and international events. The service has close links with Huddersfield University, with whom we are collaborating on research projects.

The Mid Yorkshire Burns Club, set up to provide support for young people with burns, was awarded the Duke of York’s community initiative in 2018 and our paediatric burns play specialist was awarded a British Empire Medal for her services to children with severe burns in Yorkshire. 

Yorkshire Regional Spinal Injuries Centre

Our Regional Spinal Injuries Centre at Pinderfields is one of only 11 specialist spinal injuries centres within the UK.  Serving a population of approximately 7 million across the Yorkshire and Humber region, the unit provides inpatient care for those with a spinal cord injury or non-progressive spinal cord disease, as well as providing life-long support to patients via an established outpatient and outreach service.

The state of the art, purpose-built unit has dedicated rehabilitation and therapy facilities, including a fully equipped gym, one of the best hydrotherapy pools in the region, conditioning suite, occupational therapy assessment, treatment and education areas.

Our dedicated multidisciplinary team consists of nurses, consultants (spinal rehabilitation and urology), medical staff, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, outreach and liaison. The team works closely with patients and their families or carers to undertake rehabilitation following a goal-oriented process. The unit is supported by well-established charities including SPINE, SURF, SIA, Aspire and Backup, who provide physical, social, educational and psychological support to our patients and families.

Pinderfields Hospital ward details

Pinderfields Hospital ward details:

Pinderfields Hospital ward details
Ward Contact Number


Children's A&E

Stacey Howell

Victoria Bell

01924 541770

01924 541742


Rebecca Scott
Karen Hansson
Tracey Burns

01924 542626

A2 (Neuro Stroke)

Alison Sharp

01924 541957

A4 (Spinal Injuries)

Zoe Jeffery

01924 542045

G11 (Respiratory)

Elizabeth Mason

01924 547362

G12 (AAU)

Rachel Balfour
Jessica Child
David Fowler

01924 541148
01924 543547


Sharon Nutter
Katie Mortimer

01924 541695

G18A (Labour ward)

Claire Webster
Lindsey Hinton

01924 543001

G19 (Neonatal)

Catherine Weaver

01924 541956

G20 (Gastro)

Maria O'Connor

01924 541601

G21 (Haematology)

Mike Hart

01924 542240

G23 (Discharge Lounge)

Soraya Dwomon

01924 541141

G27 (Respiratory, ARCU)

Nicola Smith

01924 542235

G28 (Plastics)

Kate Bilbie

01924 541905
01924 541914

G28A (Hand Therapy)
G28C (Plastics)

Laura Cooper

01924 541901

G29 (Burns/Ambulatory Care)

Claire Swales

01924 541700

G31 Cardiology

Richard Hill

01924 542080

G32 (Diabetes nurses station)

Karen Popple

01924 541508

G32A (ENT/Oral Maxillo Facial)

Chavana Kelly

01924 541784

G33/G33A (Colorectal and General Surgery)

Tammy Buckle

01924 542333

G34 (Gynaecology and Urology)

Lucy Hick

01924 542343

G36/G37 (Surgial Assessment Unit)

Kara Moran

01924 542600

G38 (Elective Surgery)

Ruth Williams 01924 543138 
01924 541800

G40 (Day Surgery)

Hazel Mathews/Angela Drury 01924 541852
01924 541855

G41 (Elderly Acute)

Claire Heppinstall 01924 542413

G42 (Elderly/Orthogeriatric) 

Hilary Massey 01924 542411

G43A (Elderly)

Hayley Ainsworth 01924 546358 

G44 (Acute Gen Med)

Sarah Gray 01924 542440

G45A (Respiratory)

Susan Boulton 01924 542236

G45B (Respiratory)

Nichola Smith 01924 546301

G46 (Children's ward)

Helena Moore 01924 542448

G46 (Children's Burns ward)

Marie Jones  01924 541933

Chemo Day Unit (PGI/DDH)

Donna Grimshaw 01924 541140

Dermatology (Ashton Centre)

Claire Hammond 01924 542019

Diabetes Centre

Heleon Dobson 01924 543844


Angela Dunbar 01924 541724

Palliative Care Team (Rowan House)

Debra Atkinson 01924 543801