Patient information leaflets

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Useful information for cancer patients.

Patient information leaflets

When a referral is made to the hospital and a cancer diagnosis is made individuals may receive multiple leaflets and pieces of information.

We have included our frequently used information below.

Referral to the hospital

Information for patients who have been referred to hospital on a cancer pathway [pdf]

Urgent referral women's services [pdf]

Referral to the head and neck spcialist [pdf]

Diagnostic breast clinic [pdf]

Welcome to Urology Investigation Unit [pdf]

Flexible cystoscopy [pdf] 174KB

Trans-recatal ultrasound [pdf]

Information for patients who have been referred to hospital on a Bowel Cancer pathway [pdf]

Information for patients referred to hospital on non specific symtoms pathway [pdf]

Skin team

Skin cancer specialist nursing service [pdf]

Breast team

Breast pain clinic [pdf]

Understanding holistic needs [pdf]

Follow-up after treatment for breast cancer [pdf]

Information for patients at increased risk of breast cancer [pdf]

Breast Reconstruction Support

Lung team

Establishing your diagnosis - lung investigations explained [pdf]

Information following surgery for lung cancer [pdf]

Having a lung biopsy [pdf]

Lung Nurse Specialist Team [pdf] 177KB

What is a Bronchoscopy? [pdf]

Information for patients about lung nodules [pdf]

Navigational Bronchoscopy

Urology team

Information for patients who have been referred to hospital on a prostate cancer pathway [pdf]

British Association of Urological Surgeons

Prostate Cancer UK

Fight Bladder Cancer

Kidney Cancer UK

Oncology team

Advanced clinical practitioners oncology [pdf]

Safe eating for immuno-compromised cancer patients [pdf]

Information for patients receiving oncology treatment or follow up appointments at partner hospitals [pdf]

Having a PICC Line [pdf]

DPD deficiency

Head and Neck team

Radiotherapy Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer - Tube Feeding Options [pdf]

Radiotherapy to the Head and Neck

Short Course Radiotherapy to the Head and Neck

Having a Mask Made

Neck Dissection

Medial Sural Artery Perforator ( MSAP) Free Flap Surgery

Pectoralis Major Pedicled Flap

Scapula Free Flap Surgery

Radial Forearm Free Flap

Fibula Free Flap Surgery

Anterolateral Thigh (ALT) Free Flap Surgery

Psychology team

Cancer and palliative care psychology service [pdf]

Cancer services and support

Financial support for people affected by cancer [pdf]

Prescription costs (cancer care) [pdf]

Your cancer journey [pdf]

Cancer wellbeing support [pdf]

Cancer and palliative care psychology service [pdf]

Information for your palliative care and end of life care.pdf[pdf] 182KB

Macmillan Information and Support Centre [pdf]

Cancer Registry

Cancer Registration [pdf]