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We are delighted to be welcoming more and more volunteers back to the Trust. Could you help us expand our team?

Volunteering improves the experience of our patients and colleagues and is also proven to improve your own health and wellbeing! We offer a wide range of roles including those which are patient facing and those which are more administrative. We have something to suit everyone.

At Mid Yorkshire, we currently have a team of over 270 active volunteers who help us deliver an excellent patient experience. Our Volunteers are hugely valued by both patients and colleagues, for the contribution they make with the gift of time.

Our volunteers are part of the Mid Yorkshire team and play a crucial role in enhancing the experience of patients, carers, visitors and staff. They do this by performing a wide variety of tasks throughout the Trust to complement the work of our paid staff. Volunteers are currently placed in approximately 20 wards and departments throughout the Trust.

Volunteers do not perform any clinical role, however our opportunities do enable volunteers to get some hands on experience in a hospital environment and have a huge impact on our patient services and life in hospital.

As well as the difference they make to others, our volunteers often comment on the positive impact being a volunteer has made on their own lives, helping them to meet new friends and improve their self-confidence and motivation, whilst keeping them active and feeling they have a valuable contribution to make which is greatly appreciated.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, a variety of different cultures, ethnicities and communities and of all ages from 16.

Patient Safety Partners

We are seeking motivated and interested individuals who are committed to contributing to safe and effective care to enhance patient experience, patient safety and improve patient outcomes.  You can make a meaningful difference to patient care by becoming an advocate for patient safety and giving a voice to the patients and communities that we serve.

 What our Patient Safety Partners do:

 Be a voice for the patients and communities who use our services;

  • helping make sure patient safety is at the forefront of all we do,
  • being a member of safety and experience committees,
  • being involved in patient safety improvement projects

At the Trust, we are committed to offering safe services and we need your help! The Patient Safety Partner (PSP) is a new and evolving role developed by NHS England to help improve patient safety across health care in the UK. 

We are excited to welcome a team of PSPs to work alongside our staff, patients, carers and families to influence and improve safety within our services. PSPs can be patients, service users, carers, family members or other lay people. This is a great opportunity to share your interests, experiences, and skills to help develop the new PSP role and be a part of our team.

Volunteer with us


If you are interested in becoming a MY Café volunteer or a Patient Safety Partner, please email midyorks.volunteer@nhs.net 

Benefits of volunteering

Being a volunteer at the Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust gives you the opportunity to enhance the experience of our patients and their families and support the staff who care for them.

There are many benefits to being a volunteer at Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust. People often say they volunteer because they've benefited from a service and want to put something back. Some people say that volunteering has been a positive experience which helped them to develop skills that were useful in gaining employment. Others enjoy social networking and make friends or say it is rewarding to see how the time they donate makes a difference both to patients and to staff.

Other benefits include:

  • helping to make a difference
  • putting a smile on someone’s face                         
  • feeling valued
  • developing personal and social skills
  • gaining confidence and self esteem
  • experience of working in a hospital environment
  • increasing employment opportunities
  • increasing health and wellbeing
  • feeling part of a team
  • finding quality time away from work or a busy life.

Who can volunteer?

We welcome applications from people from all communities and backgrounds. We do offer volunteer placements for anyone over 16, the roles available to those age 16 and 17 are limited.