MY Cancer Services

MY Cancer Services

Find out all you need to know about the cancer services provided by the Trust.

About us

Our vision is to deliver the highest quality of cancer care to the people of Wakefield district and North Kirklees. Find out about the services we offer at Mid Yorkshire for cancer patients and their families.

Oncology 24-hour helpline

You can contact the Oncology 24-hour helpline via the following method.

Monday to Sunday (seven days a week), 24-hours

  • Tel: 01924 546 272

Please note that as of 8 March 2023, the way we provide our Oncology 24-hour helpline changed. By continuing to call 01924 546272, the helpline at night time between 6pm and 8am, seven days a week (Monday to Sunday), will now be answered by experienced Oncology nurses at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust.

Find out more about the changes to the Oncology 24-hour helpline.

Cancer Board

The role of the Cancer Board is to provide assurance that there are systems and processes in place to delivery and monitor the Trust’s cancer agenda. The Board ensures that the Quality Committee receive regular reliable assurance on the cancer agenda and associated risks including performance, quality of clinical services, safety, effectiveness and patient experience and advises on the cancer agenda and highlights any risks to delivery.

The Cancer Board consists of  senior managers and clinicians from all specialties and cancer sites. The group will strive to ensure safe and effective  care is delivered within the financial and practical constraints experienced throughout the NHS.

Through delivery of seamless holistic care, across all cancer pathways from suspicion, through diagnosis, to living with and beyond cancer or end-of-life care, the focus of all  our teams will be on improving experience and outcomes.

Cancer information and support

When someone is diagnosed with cancer it has an effect on all aspects of your life. It can have physical, emotional, financial, practical and relationship effects too. To get support with everything other than your medical care and treatment, we have a support service based at Pinderfields Hospital.

The contact telephone number is 01924 546072, Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm.

You can also email the team

For more information visit our Macmillan Cancer Support Centre.

Patient information leaflets

When a referral is made to the hospital and a cancer diagnosis is made individuals may receive multiple leaflets and pieces of information.

We have included our frequently used information below.

Referral to the hospital

Information for patients who have been referred to hospital on a cancer pathway [pdf] 258KB

Urgent referral women's services [pdf] 135KB

Post Menopausal Bleeding clinic [pdf] 177KB

Referral to the head and neck spcialist [pdf] 156KB

Diagnostic breast clinic [pdf] 153KB

Welcome to Urology Investigation Unit [pdf] 143KB

Flexible cystoscopy [pdf] 140KB

Trans-recatal ultrasound [pdf] 263KB

Information for patients who have been referred to hospital on a bowel cancer pathway [pdf] 232KB

Information for patients who have been referred to hospital on a Rapid Diagnostic Service [pdf] 214KB

Skin team

Skin cancer specialist nursing service [pdf] 134KB

Breast team

Breast pain clinic [pdf] 139KB

Understanding holistic needs [pdf] 138KB

Follow-up after treatment for breast cancer [pdf] 176KB

Information for patients at increased risk of breast cancer [pdf] 163KB

Breast Reconstruction Support

Lung team

Establishing your diagnosis - lung investigations explained [pdf] 161KB

Information following surgery for lung cancer [pdf] 198KB

Having a lung biopsy.pdf[pdf] 232KB

Lung Nurse Specialist Team [pdf] 169KB

What is a Bronchoscopy? [pdf] 181KB

Information for patients about lung nodules [pdf] 175KB

Navigational Bronchoscopy

Urology team

Information for patients who have been referred to hospital on a prostate cancer pathway [pdf] 187KB

British Association of Urological Surgeons

Prostate Cancer UK

Fight Bladder Cancer

Kidney Cancer UK

Oncology team

Advanced clinical practitioners oncology [pdf] 135KB

Safe eating for immuno-compromised cancer patients [pdf] 521KB

Information for patients receiving oncology treatment or follow up appointments at partner hospitals [pdf] 174KB

Having a PICC Line [pdf] 237KB

DPD deficiency

Head and Neck team

Radiotherapy Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer - Tube Feeding Options [pdf] 189KB

Radiotherapy to the Head and Neck

Short Course Radiotherapy to the Head and Neck

Having a Mask Made

Neck Dissection

Medial Sural Artery Perforator ( MSAP) Free Flap Surgery

Pectoralis Major Pedicled Flap

Scapula Free Flap Surgery

Radial Forearm Free Flap

Fibula Free Flap Surgery

Anterolateral Thigh (ALT) Free Flap Surgery

Psychology team

Cancer and palliative care psychology service [pdf] 231KB

Cancer services and support

Financial support for people affected by cancer [pdf] 160KB

Prescription costs (cancer care) [pdf] 180KB

Your cancer journey.pdf[pdf] 153KB

Cancer wellbeing support [pdf] 191KB

Cancer and palliative care psychology service [pdf] 231KB

Information for your palliative care and end of life care [pdf] 182KB

Macmillan Information and Support Centre.pdf[pdf] 160KB

Cancer Registry

Cancer Registration [pdf] 7MB

Patient information videos

Living With and Beyond Cancer - Lung Cancer

Living With and Beyond Cancer - Colorectal Cancer

Living With and Beyond Cancer - Health and Wellbeing

Living With and Beyond Cancer - Patient Power, Yorkshire Cancer Community

Living With and Beyond Cancer - Penile Rehabilitation

Patient experience and feedback

The Cancer teams welcome feedback on the experience of patients and families as this helps us continually improve our services and understand where we are doing things well.

National Cancer Patient Experience Survey

Each year we participate in the national survey conducted on behalf of NHS England. The latest survey results can be found on the NCPES website.

There was no survey in 2019 or 2020 due to the global pandemic Covid-19. In 2021 the survey structure will change following consultation with the national advisory group.

Cancer Partnership Group

The Cancer Partnership Group was formed in 2003 and consists of people living with cancer and their carers with a focus on supporting the work of the clinicians, nurses and managers in improving cancer services at Mid Yorkshire.

Members are current or former cancer patients or their carers who live locally and want to use their experience to help develop new services and make improvements to existing ones. The group ensures the patient’s voice is heard.

The group meets every two months with the senior cancer management team and their views are sought to support the delivery of cancer services and enhance the patient experience. Group members are involved in areas such as patient experience, patient care, patient information, peer review and facilities.

If you have a patient or carer who would like to join this group, please contact Keely Clawson, Lead Cancer Nurse, by email

West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance - Patient Panel

The aim of the panel is to support cancer patients, carers and anyone effected by cancer to get involved with and influence the work of the Cancer Alliance.

The panel ensures the patient voice is heard and broad representation is available. For more information or to be involved visit the Cancer Alliance website.

Yorkshire Cancer Community

This group are an information and support network for people affected by cancer. They support patients in the Yorkshire and Humber region. Visit the Yorkshire Cancer Community website for more information.


Wakefield Healthwatch are a local independent champion for people who use healthcare services in the Wakefield district and provide advice, information and signposting but also gather views and feedback of experiences. Find out more about Healthwatch Wakefield.

Kirklees Healthwatch provide the same service but to the people of the Kirklees district. Find out more about Kirkless Healthwatch.

Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

This team are based in Mid Yorkshire Hospitals and are able to take comments, expressions of appreciation and process any complaints when things haven’t gone as you expected. You can find more information on our patient information leaflet.

How to make a comment, make a complaint or express your appreciation [pdf] 163KB


The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals cancer teams work in partnership with many organisations and groups of professionals. Our most important partnership is with our patient and carer groups who help focus our developments in services and identify areas for improvements.

Other partnerships are listed below.

Cancer Locality Group

The aim of the Cancer Locality Group is to ensure the population of Wakefield district and North Kirklees receive cancer services that are high quality, sustainable and responsive to patient needs, represent best value for money and improve patient outcomes and experience.

Membership of the Cancer Locality Group is made up of key representatives involved in cancer services across Wakefield and Kirklees to provide principal clinical and management expertise.

Core membership

  • Senior Commissioning Manager (NHS Wakefield CCG)
  • Transformation Programme Manager (NHS North Kirklees CCG)
  • Cancer Clinical Lead, NHS Wakefield CCG
  • Cancer Clinical Lead, NHS North Kirklees CCG
  • Cancer Clinical Lead, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Lead Cancer Manager, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Lead Cancer Nurse, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Public Health Representative (Local Authority – Wakefield Council and Kirklees Council)
  • Cancer Research UK Representative
  • Patient Representative

This list is not exhaustive and the membership will largely be to the Cancer Locality Group to determine. The Cancer Locality Group meets monthly and the meeting is chaired by the MYHT Lead Cancer Manager.

The Dr Jackson Cancer Fund

The Dr Jackson Cancer Fund, first set up in 1977, has raised more than £1.5 million to help provide cancer care for patients who in the main have been treated within the services offered by the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

The Charity was launched by a local GP, Dr Ken Jackson, and Urology surgeon Mr Mel Robinson, in order to manage donations handed to them to help and support other cancer patients.

Some of the objectives of the Dr Jackson Cancer Fund is to provide funds for the purchase of equipment for the treatment or prevention of cancer patients and provide funds for Mid Yorkshire to purchase medical and surgical equipment. Fundraising efforts by the Dr Jackson Cancer Fund have helped fund a significant number of equipment, grants, meeting rooms and units for the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust.

The Charity always needs volunteers for organising events, tin collections, selling raffle tickets, running a tombola stall plus supporting their retail premises. For more information  visit the Dr Jacksons Cancer Fund website.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan are a national cancer charity. They provide physical, financial and emotional support from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond for many cancer patients.

They support Mid Yorkshire Hospitals with access to funding to support frontline staff, invest in new roles, provide education and support. They provide free information booklets to our patients and host a very informative website. They provide a helpline 7 days a week from 8am-8pm on 0808 808 0000.

To find out how else they work in partnership and what support they provide visit the Macmillan website.

West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance

There are a total of 19 cancer Alliances across the United Kingdom. Alliances bring together NHS organisations, local councils, charities, community and voluntary organisations and groups of patients and families affected by cancer to design and deliver services, reduce variations and share best practice.
For more information visit the Cancer Alliance website.

Documents and reports

The Macmillan Centre Annual Report provides a valuable breakdown of data and information collected from service users, and reveals the impacts that the service is making on those affected by cancer across the Wakefield and North Kirklees district.

Macmillan Centre Annual Report 2022.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Macmillan Centre Annual Report 2021 [pdf] 1MB