BAME RCN Developing Leadership Programme

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BAME RCN Developing Leadership Programme

Every person should be able to fulfil their potential at work, regardless of their background, identity or circumstance.

With this in mind, in February 2020 the Trust announced the launch of a new programme helping staff from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds to progress in their careers and become senior members of our team. 

The prestigious Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Developing Leadership Programme (DLP) is a two day programme for Band 5 BAME staff who aren’t currently in a senior role (Band 6 and above) within the Trust but have aspirations to move into one in the near future, or for staff who are new to a senior role.

The programme helps to deepen people’s understanding of key leadership and management principles and practices, develop self-awareness and personal resilience in readiness for senior roles, and aims to give people the skills to manage themselves and their career.

The programme is a fantastic opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds who have all been on different journeys but who share the same vision; to be effective leaders and senior members of our organisation.

Twenty successful candidates will develop their leadership skills using a bespoke coaching framework and during this exciting programme will cover the following topics:

  • Leadership issues and challenges for BAME staff working in our Trust
  • Positive BAME leadership stories
  • Concepts of leadership
  • Opportunities for BAME staff in relation to leadership
  • BAME role models in senior roles
  • Accountability & delegation
  • Upholding standards
  • Positive use of social media
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Being a ‘change agent’
  • Effecting & influencing change
  • Mentorship

On Thursday 5 and Friday 6 March 2020, the Trust held it's first successful DLP. The programme was facilitated by Gill Coverdale from the RCN and co-facilitated by Mohammed Rawat from the Trust. 

In the following video we hear registered nurse, Ruth Mwelwa, describes her experience of the course