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Beauty Kasani-Hall - Practice Educator and Registered Nurse with a passion for making a difference

Throughout Black History Month, we're celebrating the achievements and contributions of colleagues across our Trust. Beauty joined us in 2019 and since then has played a vital role in improving both patient and staff experiences. Read on to hear her inspiring story...

Hello, my name is Beauty Kasani-Hall, I'm a Practice Educator based at Pinderfields Hospital at the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Beauty pointing to her home country flag- Zambia I was born in a small rural village in Zambia. I walked to school on foot two hours each way in all of weather conditions - I don’t have a clue how my books survived as I didn’t have an umbrella!

I completed primary school in 1989, and went to Ibenga boarding secondary school. I’m truly grateful to my mum who managed to raise the first school fees by carrying sweet potatoes on her head walking four hours each way to sell the products. Whilst at secondary school, I watered flowers and did little jobs for which the nuns paid my school fees in return. I was grateful what Sister Alacoque was doing for me, hence I was very committed to ensure that the flowers were very well maintained to a very high standard.

In my final year at secondary school in 1994, a friend of mine in the year below, Marilyn, mentioned that she needed an economics textbook for the next term and I offered to give her mine after I had finished my exams. Marilyn’s sister recently relayed the details to me in a text:

“Marilyn needed an economic textbook and you wanted to help her. You walked all the way from your village which is miles and miles away… came to our place looking rather dusty but your heart of gold and work ethic captured my dad’s attention. He spoke to you for a few minutes and his mind was made up to see you succeed no matter what it took”.

Marilyn's mum, Mrs Chirwa, who now I call my Aunt Noreen, was a nurse and after discussing with her, I decided to apply to do nursing. Thankfully I got accepted. My mum didn’t have to worry about nursing school fees as my friend’s Dad, Mr Chirwa, who I now call Uncle Hopewell, was kind enough to pay the fees on my behalf.

I was highly motivated to work extra hard as I didn’t want to disappoint my Uncle Hopewell and Aunt Noreen, also I was determined to live a better life than I used to in my village.

I’m very proud to say that I graduated with 13 awards, the most pleasant nurse and best student nurse of the year 1999.

Beauty winning a prize in Zambia in 1999 My first job was in General Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Zambia for about a year, after which I decided to travel to the UK in 2002. After my adaption course in Harrogate, I worked in nursing homes for two years. I then joined the NHS in 2004 at York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and stayed there for 13 years mainly in the Trauma and Orthopaedics department. I then went on to further my career and studied a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Leeds, graduating in 2008.

I first joined the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust in March 2019 as a Ward Sister at Pontefract Stroke and Medical Rehabilitation Unit. I also took a secondment at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust for one year, before returning to Mid Yorkshire in August 2021. My role now involves working with the PDEU team to provide education and training to multidisciplinary teams and assisting in the delivering of training programmes for Trainee Nursing Associates, Nursing Associates, Student Nurses, Registered Nurses and non-medical registered workforce to expand their skills and to ensure they have the best learning experience possible. This has proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. It makes my heart burst with happiness to see the development of the staff with my support and from the rest of the PDEU team and the ward leadership team, etc.

I feel humbled and honoured for having a golden opportunity of being an ambassador for excellent care. I have received some of the following feedback along my nursing career journey:

Beauty Kasani-Hall is such a wonderful, kind person who always strives hard every single day to do the best job she possibly can. Nothing is a trouble for Beauty, if ever you need to ask a question or need her help and advice with anything, she is always more than happy to support you. She always helps out on the ward as much as she can, in whatever job it may be."

Benjamin Trewartha: Ward Assistant, Gate 42

Beauty is one of the best nurses I have ever worked with. A massive asset to the Trust and pleasure to have on the ward, thank you for everything you do, Beauty

Kara Moran: Ward Manager, Gate 42

Always knew you were incredible but most of all you have my respect for being so humble and the most cheerful person I have ever known since I became a nurse myself. I hope one day I can achieve half as much as you

Former colleague at St James’ Hospital

Thank you for your valuable time reading my story - I hope you found it inspiring.

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