Breast Reconstructive Surgery

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We offer a comprehensive breast reconstruction service.

About our service

Breast Reconstruction surgery is performed at Pinderfields Hospital. We offer consultations at all three hospital sites.

We offer a comprehensive breast reconstruction service and work closely with our breast surgeons and team to ensure patients have access to reconstructive surgery. 

We are one of the very few plastic surgery departments that offer all modalities of breast reconstruction. This means that you have a large choice of options to suit your expectations and wishes.

The decision to have breast reconstruction is a very personal choice and you now have the opportunity to determine what you want to have happen next. But first you must do some careful thinking and delving into your feelings in order to figure out what is best for you. You must consider if a breast reconstruction is right for you, and what technique would you prefer.

Breast Reconstruction can be performed immediately at the time of mastectomy or at a much later time following mastectomy. We also perform revision breast reconstruction when surgery carried out elsewhere has not given the desired result.

Breast Reconstruction is offered by:

  • Ms Orla Austin
  • Mr Paul Mohammad
  • Mr Will Holmes
  • Mr Nikos Lymperopoulos

Breast reconstruction

The decision to have reconstruction is very personal and can be difficult, especially with so many choices available. We have a great team of Breast Care Nurses that work closely with us who can help you access accurate information and arrange your appointment with a plastic surgeon. Breast cancer surgery can be a deeply traumatic experience. You may feel that your breasts are very important to your idea of yourself as a woman. Many women have conflicting emotions, such as grief, fear, shock, anger and resentment. All patients are given the opportunity to discuss their concerns about surgery with a Plastic Surgeon and the team.

The website provides information and a list of important questions you should ask yourself when considering breast reconstruction. 

For patients considering reconstruction at the time of a mastectomy

The Breast Oncology Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) meet every Thursday from 2 - 6pm.

Patients results are discussed and decisions are made about treatments options. Most patients are then seen in the breast clinic to discuss these and this is where you can request or may be offered reconstruction. You will then be referred to our service usually by the breast care nurse.

All patients should receive the BAPRAS Breast Reconstruction Booklet

For those considering reconstruction following a mastectomy

You can asked to be referred directly to the plastic surgery team by any member of the breast team involved in your care. This includes the breast surgeon, oncologist or breast care nurses.

Your GP can refer you at any time.  We also accept referrals from GPs and other NHS trusts.

Types of breast reconstruction

Our service offers the following types of breast reconstruction

  • All froms of Implant based reconstruction
  • Autologous reconstruction  - DIEPs, TUGs, PAPs, SGAPs, LDs
  • Regional breast reconstruction
  • Implant related issues

What our patients say

Excellent care from all. Breast care staff + recovery staff excellent care from all theatre staff doctors etc. Excellent care from all staff.

All the staff in the breast clinic have been amazing.

Key stats

  • Formal breast-Q feedback at 3 months reveals 100% satisfaction with surgeon, medical team and staff.
  • Formal feedback at 3-months reveals 88% satisfaction with information.
  • For our DIEPS we have one of the shortest lengths of stay in the country.

Key achievements

Since July 2018 we have successfully developed a microsurgical breast reconstruction service offering DIEP and other free flap surgery for women wanting breasts reconstruction. In just 3 years have reported outcomes comparable with some of the best centres in the world. Our patient reported outcomes have shown significant improvement and a very high satisfaction. If you come for a free flap to our service you will be asked to complete questionnaires during your journey to help us constantly improve the service we offer. The decision to have a DIEP breast reconstruction must be taken carefully and not all patients are eligible as whilst this technique demonstrated greater patient satisfaction and longevity, It carries greater risks of failure than an implant or pedicle flap reconstruction. If you smoke, have multiple medical problem or are obese, this surgery may not be suitable for you.