Children's Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist with young child holding her hand

The Children’s Physiotherapy Service assess a wide range of conditions using specialist skills to improve mobility, strength and stamina and encourage children to participate in physical activity.

About us

Girl jumping through hoops with physiotherapistA Children’s Physiotherapist has expertise knowledge of childhood development, movement patterns, and a wide range of clinical conditions.

We work closely with the child, young person and their families to formulate individual treatment programmes in order to achieve their maximum potential.

Our staff are registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC) and have Enhanced CRB checks. We are all members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and of its professional network, the Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists (APCP).

The service we provide

Musculoskeletal Children’s Physiotherapy Boy walking with zimmer frame next to physiotherapist

We are a highly specialised team of chartered Children’s Physiotherapists who are able to assess, diagnose and offer treatment for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions affecting babies, children and young adults up to 17 years of age. 

What we can help with:

  • Back / neck pain
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Foot / heel / ankle pain
  • Shoulder/ elbow / arm pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Orthopaedic and Rheumatology conditions

We offer a wide variety of treatments approaches including:

  • Therapeutic exercise programmes which can be completed at home
  • Soft tissue and joint mobilisation
  • Postural rehabilitation and core stability
  • Gym based  group exercise class
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Therapeutic taping


Baby in neonatal unit in hospitalPhysiotherapists in the neonatal service provide assessments for babies born early or with possible concerns about their future development. We work closely with nurses and doctors on the neonatal unit and in clinics to identify babies who may benefit from our service. Neonatal physiotherapy can stay involved up until the child is two years old and following this if further physiotherapy intervention is required the child would be referred to the Pre 5 Children’s Physiotherapy.

We offer a wide variety of treatments approaches including:

  • Positional advice
  • Activities to encourage development
  • Baby Groups
  • Equipment prescription (if required)
  • Onward referrals (if required)

 Pre 5 Children’s Physiotherapy Toddler walking up steps holding physiotherapists hand

Our Pre 5 therapy service offers assessment and advice to children under the age of 5 in regards to concerns surrounding their physical development. Referrals may be allocated to a specialist clinic or a physiotherapist working in the geographical area where they live.

We offer a wide variety of treatments approaches including:

  • Positional and postural advice
  • Activities to encourage development
  • Groups
  • My support and education plans (if required)
  • Equipment prescription (if required)
  • Nursery Visits (if required)
  • Onward referrals (if required)

Special Schools

This service is based in Kingsland and Oakfield Park special schools, with outreach to other special schools in the area. We are a highly specialised team treating children with complex needs in their school environment, helping with their respiratory care and development progression. A key focus is maintaining postural integrity using nationally recognised methods to implement this over a 24-hour period. Yearly measurements are taken of all the special school children on caseload to ensure that they are not growing with unwanted postural changes. This includes:

  • Initial assessment of all children new to school
  • Hydrotherapy
  • EHCP reports
  • Equipment assessment and referrals
  • Training of school staff – both practical and knowledge based

Mainstream Schools

This is a service to children with a physical disability aged over 5 – 18 who attend a mainstream school or college.  We work with other professionals, families, education staff and the child to meet their needs.

This includes:

  • Assessing and providing with appropriate exercises and supporting inclusion in P.E and sport
  • Helping your child to develop and maintain the greatest level of movement ability possible and to use this daily.
  • Assessing and providing equipment such as walking frames and standing frames where needed

Children’s Ward

As a physiotherapy service we cover the ward and A and E / Children’s Unit if needed. Our primary role on the ward is to assess as an inpatient and give respiratory care to those that require it. We liaise closely with Occupational therapists for mobility and functional assessments if required post discharge. As well as patients who have had surgery, we assess and treat patients with respiratory conditions.

We offer a wide variety of care:

  • Positional advice
  • Respiratory care
  • Mobility Assessments
  • Equipment prescription (if required)
  • Onward referrals (if required)

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