Contraception is an important part of your postnatal care even if it’s the last thing on your mind at the moment.

Contraception after birth

Many unplanned pregnancies occur within the first few months after having a baby so it’s best to be prepared.

  • It’s advised that you begin contraception from 3 weeks (21 days) after birth.
  • It’s possible to conceive before your period returns.
  • There are short acting methods of contraception which are reversible meaning that once you stop using them the effects wear off quickly and fertility returns. These include progesterone only pill, combined pill, condoms and the contraception path.
  • Long acting methods are more effective than the short acting methods. They last longer so you do not need to remember to take/use them every day. Examples include contraceptive implant or injection, intrauterine contraception and sterilisation.

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