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Mid Yorkshire Hospitals X-ray rooms transformed

Dewsbury and District hospital has transformed one of its X-ray rooms into an ‘under the sea’ experience to make it more welcoming for poorly children.

It is the second x-ray room to receive a makeover as a result of donations from The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust’s registered charity ‘MY Hospitals Charity’.  
It features an underwater tropical fish theme with light up wall tiles and matching vinyl wall murals, which help to distract and relax young patients during their x-ray examination.

The new room now has brand new state of the art digital x-ray equipment to replace an old computerised radiography machine.

Digital imaging company Carestream, have supplied the new x-ray equipment for both newly transformed x-ray rooms. The state-of-the-art x-ray equipment provides quick access to high-quality images and is fully automated so is easier for staff to operate.

The Radiology department received a donation of just over £5.5k from the Trust’s MY Hospitals Charity to buy specialised Visualite wall tiles, which will ensure a calmer environment for young patients, as well as patients with dementia and other memory problems.

Lucy Beeley, Radiology Group Manager, at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust said; “Thanks to our hard-working staff and MY Hospitals Charity, we now have two new and improved x-ray rooms. Their generous support has made visits to the x-ray department slightly less daunting for young children and patients with dementia or memory problems. Even the relatives have been finding the new artwork a good distraction! As a department we are delighted with the outcome of both new rooms.”

The first x-ray room to be refurbished is designed to be dementia friendly, and incorporates a woodland theme, with co-ordinated green wall colours and matching woodland scene vinyls.

Kirsty Jowett, Fundraising Co-Ordinator, for MY Hospitals Charity, said; “We are delighted to be able to support funding for the Visualite tiles as they really do create an amazing lighting effect and ambience. We really hope these support in creating a calming and tranquil environment for our young and vulnerable patients during their x-ray. As a charity we are always keen to hear about new and innovative fundraising ideas from our patients, visitors and staff, whilst also learning how they believe we can support to further improve our services with the help of charitable support.”

In addition to the refurbished x-ray rooms at Dewsbury and District Hospital, the Radiology department’s old dental x-ray machine has been replaced with new faster digital equipment supplied by Hulberts Dental Company. This is part of the Trust’s investment in new modern radiology equipment and improved clinical environments, to deliver the best possible care to patients.