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You can complete the form below to amend or cancel an appointment. Please note - this is not a medical advice service. Medical advice can be obtained from your GP or NHS Direct.


There are some appointments which cannot be changed using this form. Please contact us by dialling 0844 822 0022 and ask for the relevant department.

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Please note that all fields are mandatory. If you select 'cancel an appointment', this will permanently cancel your appointment. If you wish to cancel an existing appointment and reschedule, please select 'change an appointment'.

If you are changing your appointment and do not get a reply within 14 days, please re-send the email or telephone us. If your appointment is within the next three days, please contact us by telephone on 0844 822 0022.


June 2016

Please note that the 'Cancel or change your appointment' form is temporarily unavailable.  Please telephone us on the number you have on your appointment letter.  For outpatient appointments please call 0844 811 0010 or 01924 541169 (calls are charged at the local rate).

We apologise for any inconvenience.