Pre-operative assessment

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Pre-operative assessment

You and your consultant have decided that you need a procedure/operation. This usually requires general, regional or local anaesthetic and/or sedation. To make sure this can be done safely, all patients will have to undergo pre-assessment. We will assess your suitability for the planned operation, taking into account your underlying health problems, and identify any specific needs you may have when coming in for your procedure.

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What to expect from your pre-assessment

As part of the pre-assessment you will need to fill in a health questionnaire, and have your height, weight and blood pressure checked.

Depending on your answers and the operation you are having, you may need a blood test and an ECG. Some patients will need further tests.

Pre-operative health questionnaire

To help us assess your fitness for the planned procedure/operation, you will need to fill in a health questionnaire.

This is to help us gather necessary information about your health and medical history.

If you are an adult elective surgery patient, our Pre-assessment Team may set up your own account on LifeBox, our digital pre-assessment tool. We use LifeBox to help us gather your health information via an online questionnaire. LifeBox is very easy to use and allows you to complete some of your pre-assessment from the comfort of your own home, with support from family if needed and where you have access to your medical history.

Our Pre-assessment Team will be on hand to support any patients who are unable to complete their online health questionnaire at home.

Once you’ve completed your health questionnaire

Once you have completed your health questionnaire, our Pre-assessment Team will review your information and if required arrange a telephone assessment or face-to-face appointment with a nurse to confirm or discuss additional information about your medical history.

Some patients may need to attend for an anaesthetic review or for an exercise test. You may also be contacted by our physiotherapy team, a diabetes specialist nurse or our pharmacist should this be required to improve your health or to provide you with instructions.

Confirmed for operation/procedure

Once you are assessed as safe to proceed with your operation/procedure, we will notify you about your operation date.

If you are an adult elective surgery patient and have been registered to use LifeBox, you will receive notification about your operation date via your LifeBox account.