BaBi research

Dad and baby

BaBi research

BaBi Wakefield is a data linkage birth cohort study. This means that data which is routinely collected about the study participants is linked together for research purposes. In this case, the data and the research relate to the health and wellbeing of families across our district.

About birth cohort studies

Birth cohort studies look at the relationship between factors during pregnancy and in the postnatal period, and the health of the newborn child from birth to adulthood. This approach provides valuable research to investigate and evaluate important questions about how health and wellbeing can be improved.

By recruiting pregnant women and their newborn babies to the cohort, this study offers the potential to:

  • assess the determinants of childhood and adult disease
  • assess the impact of migration
  • explore the influences of pregnancy and childbirth on subsequent health
  • generate and test hypotheses that have the potential to improve health for some of the most disadvantaged within our society.

BaBi research facilities

The overarching BaBi study is sponsored by Bradford Teaching Hospitals Trust, which houses the Bradford Institute of Health Research. It is part of a portfolio of research being driven by the Yorkshire and Humber Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) and supported by the National Institute of Health Research and adopted to their portfolio of studies. It has been reviewed by the national Health Research Authority and independent Research Ethics Committee.

BaBi Wakefield is hosted by Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust, which is undertaking the study with support from the Wakefield Research Hub.

Research priorities

Parents, expectant parents, health professionals, service commissioners and researchers came together for a workshop in November 2021 to consider which factors of child and family health and wellbeing the research should consider first.

Following on from the workshop, the suggestions put forward are being collated and explored. Further information will be shared when available.