The BaBi family

Two toddlers

The BaBi family

It all began in Bradford…

Born in Bradford is a study tracking the health and wellbeing of over 13,500 children, and their parents, born in Bradford between March 2007 and December 2020. The study has been able to consider how our parents, our wider family, our genes, the way we live, our environment and the services we access come together to affect our health and wellbeing. The findings from the research are then used to evaluate and develop related health and wellbeing services.

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You can read about some of the successes Bradford has already enjoyed.

Extending the family

Already one of the largest research studies in the world, the study is now being extended to include other sites, so more families and places can benefit.

Now known as Born and Bred in (BaBi), Wakefield is one of the first new places to join the BaBi family network and develop our own study site. Other sites include Doncaster, Leeds, and North London.

The BaBi network is only possible thanks to the generosity of women and babies who join the BaBi family and the enthusiasm and dedication of the midwives who invite them.  We are grateful to all the women, babies, health professionals and researchers who make BaBi happen.