Formula feeding

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Formula feeding

If you intend to formula feed you’ll need to bring powdered ‘first milk’ formula into hospital with you (this came into effect on from 1st June 2020). We have the facilities for the safe preparation of powdered formula on the maternity ward. (link to leaflet: ). We can only provide formula milk for babies on maternity wards if there is a medical indication.

If you use formula milk it is very important for your baby’s health that you use only first infant milk from birth up to one year of age.

  • Make sure that you follow all the instructions to make the feed. All feeding equipment must be sterilised correctly.  Before you and your baby go home we will show you how to do this, and provide you with written information.
  • More information about responsive bottle feeding and how to make up a bottle safety: How to make up baby formula 
  • You should not share bottles or a breast pump with anyone else. Have a look at the NHS guide to sterilising bottles.

See the Start4life useful guide on bottle feeding

This video below explains how to make up a formula feed, and includes cleaning and sterilising bottles and teats.