Responsive bottle feeding

Baby sleeping

Bottle feeding formula milk or expressed breast milk

It's important to remember that this is a great opportunity for you to get to know and love each other. 
Your baby will like to be close to you and will enjoy skin contact. Babies feel more secure if most feeds are given by their parents, especially in the early weeks, as this will really help create strong bonds. 

You can understand more about paced bottle feeding by watching our ‘Responsive bottle feeding video.

Breast care when formula feeding

Taking care of your breasts is important whether you breast or formula feed as you will still produce milk. If you are using formula try not to overstimulate the breasts as this will encourage milk production. Use hand expression to relieve pressure if needed. Ensure you wear a well fitted nursing bra and avoid underwire as this can cause blocked ducts.

If you are formula feeding please ensure the midwife discharging you has discussed how to make up a feed safely and also how to sterilise your feeding equipment.

Feeding cues

For breastfed babies, in the early weeks, they will typically feed at least eight to 12 times in a 24-hour period (if they are fed when they show signs they’re hungry). It’s important to remember that breastfed babies cannot be overfed. 

If you feed your baby when they are showing ‘early cues’ this will often lead to a more relaxed and calmer feed.